Young girl modelling

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Young girl modelling

Posted by in Fashion,Photo of the day | August 10, 2013
Young Model Photo

My five-year-old daughter Emelia, trying out modelling and was very good in front of the camera. The challenge to photograph young people is to be able to work fast so they do not get bored or distracted.

She is lit by two Canon 550 flashes, with one shooting through a soft box and the other shooting through a honeycomb.

1/30 shutter with f3.5 aperture @ 50 ISO.

Young model modelling

The Burmis Tree

Posted by in Photo of the day | December 1, 2012
Burmis Tree Photo

Burmis Tree Photo

The famous, old, dead and abused Burmis (Pine) tree standing along Highway 3 by Burmis near Crowsnest Pass in SW Alberta during an early morning visit.


Time: 23:08:36

Model: Canon EOS-1DS

Lens (mm): 15

ISO: 250

Aperture: 2.8

Shutter: 109,