4H Youth Ag Summit

I had the opportunity to photograph the 2013 4H Youth Ag Summit held in Calgary last week. It was a week of photographing delegates, mentors and speakers as well a Stampede breakfast held at the Calgary Stampede grounds.

Photographing conventions and events that goes on for several days is one of the most interesting and challenging tasks. Each day you want to produce photographs that does not look the same as the previous day, so to keep your images fresh, you will need to dive into your creative imagination and find unusual angels on an daily basis.

One task of photographing the event was also to photograph each delegate with their THREE objectives. Below is a collage of the participants and their sign with their objectives.


Young girl modelling

My five-year-old daughter Emelia, trying out modelling and was very good in front of the camera. The challenge to photograph young people is to be able to work fast so they do not get bored or distracted.

She is lit by two Canon 550 flashes, with one shooting through a soft box and the other shooting through a honeycomb.

1/30 shutter with f3.5 aperture @ 50 ISO.

Young model modelling