Panhandler Jim

Panhandler 59-year-old Jim sits at a street corner in downtown Calgary an afternoon with a small box in front of him.  He said he is mentally ill and that his medicines do not help him.  He has been out on the street panhandling for the last two months.

Night Fashion Photo Model

Night Fashion Shoot

  Calgary, AB -Fashion shoot of model Christine Korol in Tom. Campbell Hill Park in NE Calgary, during sunset. Makeup and hair by Carolyn Gallyer.

El Monk by Roque Nublo Photo

El Monk

Las Palmas, GC – The rock formation named The Monk seen with a tree in front of it during a foggy top on Gran Canaria while hiking to Roque Nublo.

Burmis Tree Photo

The Burmis Tree

The famous, old, dead and abused Burmis (Pine) tree standing along Highway 3 by Burmis near Crowsnest Pass in SW Alberta during an early morning visit.   Time: 23:08:36 Model: Canon EOS-1DS Lens (mm): 15 ISO: 250 Aperture: 2.8 Shutter: 109,